About Me

I am currently a postdoc researcher in Tsinghua University, working with Prof. Jun Zhu at Department of Computer Science and Technology. Before that, I received the PhD degree from Tsinghua University (Aug 2019 - Jul 2023), co-advised by Prof. Yi Zhong at School of Life Sciences and Prof. Jun Zhu at Department of Computer Science and Technology. I received the BS degree also from Tsinghua University (Aug 2013 - Jul 2017), with major in biological science and minor in computer science. I was a visiting scholar in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Jun 2016 to Sep 2016), advised by Prof. Yingxi Lin at Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. I was a participant in Tsinghua-Huawei Large Granularity Long Term Cooperation Project (Sep 2019 to May 2022), working with Dr. Lanqing Hong and Dr. Zhenguo Li in Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab.

I have an interdisciplinary background in neuroscience and machine learning. My primary research interest lies in the development of bio-inspired machine learning methodologies and generic computational models for neuroscience. The current focus includes continual / incremental / lifelong learning and transfer learning, by exploring “natural algorithms” in biological learning and memory.

Selected Publications




Academic Services

  • Conference Reviewer: NeurIPS, ICLR, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ACM MM, CoLLAs
  • Journal Reviewer: TPAMI, TNNLS, TCSVT, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks

Honors and Awards

  • Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar for Postdoc Researcher, 2023.
  • National Scholarship for Graduate Student, 2022.
  • Beijing Outstanding Graduate Award, 2017.
  • Tsinghua Outstanding Graduate Award, 2017.
  • National Scholarship for Undergraduate Student, 2014, 2015, 2016.